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Reflection on Sunday’s Readings
October 14th, 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time
     In our first reading today from the book of Wisdom Chapter 7, Solomon speaks to us of how all the glitz and glitter of the finest goods pale in comparison to his relationship with God.  Even his own health and vanity were nothing without his deep and honest love of our Lord.  He continues to admit that despite this, all that he has attained, came in the presence of God and through God.
     In the Gospel of Mark Chapter 10, we hear a familiar story of a man who though he was young, knew there must be more required of him to “inherit eternal life”.  He professed to Jesus that he had observed the commandments.  “Jesus, looking at him, loved him and said to him, ‘you are lacking in one thing'”, MK 10:21.  Jesus asks the young man to sell all that he has and give it to the poor and follow Him in return for “treasure in heaven”.  At this the young man went away sad for he had not attained the wisdom that Solomon exhibited in the first reading today.  He was unable to realize that true joy comes not from that which we possess but from our willingness to give fully in surrender and trust to God our Father.
     Brothers and Sisters, in today’s readings we are all reminded that despite God’s love and generous outpouring of gifts, talents and worldly treasure, the choice of serving Him is left to us.  Do we set our focus on only attaining wealth and the pleasures of this world, discounting God’s generosity without giving thanks for the blessings we have?  Or, do we surrender to the truth that everything we possess has come from Him through these gifts and talents, giving back to Him proportionately to that which we have been given through donations to services for the poor as well as support of our parish through honest and faithful tithing?  How will we reconcile our choices and account for our stewardship of these gifts?  Will our sacrifices truly “be acceptable to God”.
Catholic Daughters
Memorial Mass & Rosary 
Saturday October 20th, the 8AM mass will be a memorial mass for those Catholic Daughter’s members who have passed.  Following the mass the Catholic Daughters will lead a rosary in the courtyard in front of our Blessed Mother.  A light breakfast will be served after the rosary.  The entire parish is welcome to participate in this memorial.


Heavenly Father, so abundant are the blessings You have given to me that I cannot fully account. With gratitude and humility, I accept my role as a disciple of Christ, to be a good steward of these gifts. With You as my guide, I shall not hide them away for fear of losing them but instead, I shall sow them like seeds that they may grow and flourish. May the many blessings I have received, through the proportionate sharing of my time, talent and treasure, further serve to fulfill Christ’s mission.

We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen!


Catholic Radio Station!
Don’t forget that Yuma has its very own Catholic Radio Station with great Catholic programming. Please tune in to 92.5 FM and listen to EWTN broadcasting.

¡Radio Católico en Español!
Sintoniza al canal 92.5 desde las 9PM hasta las 3AM para escuchar programas Católicos por la radio. Esta disponible todos los días en esas horas. Uno puede aprender mucho de su fe escuchando los programas ofrecidos. Gracias por su apoyo a la radio Católica en Yuma!

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