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Sunday December 1st: 1st Sunday of Advent

St. Francis Parish | November 29, 2019, 9:27 pm | Reflections

   As we begin this season of Advent, we are called to, “Climb the LORD’s Mountain” (IS 2:3), “put on the armor of light” (ROM 13:12), and to, “stay awake!” in Matthew’s Gospel chapter 24:42.  In each of today’s readings, we are called to be ready for The Lord’s coming as we know not the day or time.  Jesus compares the current time to that of before, “Noah entered the Ark”.  We are reminded that we too may be swept away if we do not take care to repent of our sins and truthfully follow Christ.
   This season can become confusing to some as Advent is a season for us to be reminded of Jesus’s second coming and to be ready all while at the same time, we await in anticipation of the celebration of the birth of Our Lord Jesus on Christmas Day.  We may be afraid to focus on the opportunity Advent provides to us through the examination of our consciences and confessing and repenting of our sin.  For many, the season between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a season of constant celebration.  We may be misled to believe that spending this time to prepare for Our Lord’s coming will take away from the time to celebrate.  Why can’t it be both?  What we fail to realize is that though the preparation does take work on our parts and at times can create angst, it is in our being prepared, knowing that we are ready to greet Our Lord that we can find great joy!
   Just as we are told in all of today’s Scripture, we must take heed and prepare for Our Lord.  If He were to come tomorrow, would we be ready?  Have we put order in our lives such that Jesus will take us?  What can we do to further benefit our souls as well as those we are in a position to care for?  Can we be more charitable; not only at this time but as part of our lives going forward?  How will God know that I have been a grateful steward of all the blessings I have?  Let this Advent be the time that we finally take heed of Jesus’ words when he says, “So too, you also must be prepared, for at an hour you do not expect, the Son of Man will come.” (MT 24:44)
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