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Sunday June 9th: Pentecost Sunday

St. Francis Parish | June 9, 2019, 11:25 am | Reflections

  Today is Pentecost Sunday.  50 Days following the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus; a mere 7 weeks, less than two months time.  What has happened in our own lives in this short period of time?  It is difficult to comprehend how much happened in this same time period just over 2,000 years ago; all that the disciples went through.  Beginning with anguish and fear…including much confusion and perhaps despair.  If you recall, at one point over this past several weeks, the disciples decided it best to just go fishing. (JN 21:3)
  Without context, it is easy to believe that the disciples were so well prepared to continue the work of our Lord following His death and resurrection yet this was not the case.  When we pay close attention to the Scripture readings, we see the failings of these men over and over.  They were but mere witnesses to the Life, Death and Resurrection of our Lord.  In reality, other than their witness, they were not much unlike any of us here today.  Though, as we hear today, filled with the Holy Spirit, they became empowered to proclaim the Gospel to all nations.  A great point to take away from this is that a small group of individuals, not unlike any of us, were able to do so many great things.  They were not exceptional men yet with this power, they did exceptional things.
  Another takeaway from this Sunday is the parallel between the many who were able to understand in “his own native language” (ACTS 2:8) and how each of us can call on the Holy Spirit to guide us in our lives.  How, despite our varying degrees of understanding, our eyes and ears are open when we call upon the Holy Spirit.  Let today be a reminder to us of that fact.  Regardless of how we see ourselves as disciples, let us allow the Holy Spirit to take control of our lives.  Let us, like the disciples in their day, be empowered to go forth and evangelize those we encounter.  Have a blessed week.
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