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Sunday December 15th: 3rd Sunday of Advent

St. Francis Parish | December 24, 2019, 10:41 pm | Reflections

   This Sunday is referred to as “Gaudete” Sunday which means Rejoice!  There is much to Rejoice as the coming of Christ as Savior to the world on Christmas Day is drawing near.  You can feel the joy in the first reading from Isaiah 35 as you imagine the blind opening their eyes with great big smiles on their faces.  In the second reading from James 5 we are reminded to be patient but the anticipation of reward in return for diligent sacrifice is evident.  Finally in the Gospel from Matthew 11:2-11, Jesus reveals Himself to the messengers of John the Baptist with great promise of healing and blessings for the poor.  The joy the people must have had upon realizing that the Messiah was in their midst had to be extraordinary.
   This Sunday and the coming week provides a great opportunity for us to reflect upon what we have to Rejoice over.  As we are in the rush of the Christmas Season we can become overwhelmed with the many tasks and deadlines we have for buying gifts, sending Christmas Cards and prepping for the next party.  This can become daunting and we can begin to focus on what we do not have enough of; time, money etc.  Let us take care to avoid this mindset and maintain a positive attitude which allows us to be in the joy that this season brings.  Let us be ever mindful of the many blessings that most of us do have enough of; time, money etc.  Did you catch that?  It is all about perspective and a little dose of priority and right order aligned with God’s will.  And in this season of giving, the realization that we truly do have enough just might lead to the desire for us to share these blessings with those who truly do not.
   Let us pray that this week will bring us great joy and that together as one Church, we may Rejoice that the coming of Our Lord is near!
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