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Sunday February 2nd: Feast of the Presentation of The Lord

St. Francis Parish | February 24, 2020, 8:30 pm | Reflections

   Today we celebrate the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord as it falls on February 2nd of each year, the 40th day of the period beginning with the birth of Jesus on Christmas day.  As this feast is set on a particular date as opposed to a particular Sunday, it often falls on a weekday and so to many, this Scripture may not be as familiar as the Scripture we are used to hearing at least every three years of the Cycle.  The 40 days is a reference to the ancient Jewish law calling for a “purification” period for the mother following the birth of a child.    The law also stated that “every male…shall be consecrated to the Lord.” (LK 2:23)
   As we continue in Luke’s Gospel 2:22-40 we are introduced to two others, Simeon, a devout and righteous man who was lead to the temple by the Holy Spirit and Anna, a prophetess who spent her days in the temple fasting and praying.  Luke tells us how both Simeon and Anna immediately recognized Jesus as Mary and Joseph brought Him in to be consecrated to God.  Simeon upon seeing Jesus says to God, “my eyes have seen your salvation,” and Anna coming forward, “gave thanks to God and spoke about the child.”  This brings to mind questions we might consider for ourselves.  Are we able to recognize Jesus?  Do we see Him at work in our daily lives?  If not, perhaps our prayer life needs more attention so that just as Simeon and Anna, we are able to recognize our Lord when we encounter Him.  Perhaps we will be able to better see the many blessings He has put to work in our lives.  What joy we have when we can see that God is working with us as opposed to the sorrow we have when we become lost and feel alone.  Jesus is always here with us but if we allow the world to steal our focus, we may become blind to His presence in our lives.
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